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Update 2014
Despite being updated almost daily with new photographs, Kingsleyfish has now been revised to be responsive for tablets/ipads and phones in both portrait and landscape modes. Using a combination of CSS3, scalable images and clever grid systems (thanks to a few sources - will make a thanks page soon) the pages adjust to suit each view.

Over the past ten years the main design has been regularly tweaked to keep abreast of new tricks and methods of coding. The use of incremental naming conventions and js includes has meant that most of the design revisions for all static pages have been implemented automatically.

Unfortunately though, this latest rd update will require a little more adjustment to each page. So I'll gradually work my way back through the photo archive, currently over 1500 pages, and update them.

I resisted a dynamic system for my stuff here so I could work with the code and see how all of the new bits work. contact me

I hope that some of it may be of interest.

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Kingsleyfish is an online portfolio for Darrell Kingsley. Samples of graphic design, photography and the use of static html with simple design and function. To see sample websites using Plone and PHP Wordpress please go to the 'my design' section for links. DK15